Sunday, January 23, 2011

E - Eerie Little Bedtime Stories - Madame M (132 pages)

This creepy little book of poems is a wonderful book for children ages 6 and up. I met the author in 2002 and at a book fair and she signed this and another book for my then 2-year-old daughter. "Alexandra, Get Creepy Baby - Love Madame M".  I thought that was a wonderful note and her books are just as good. My daughter has read them over and over since she was 6. She has a good sense of what makes a good book - so I picked up this slight tome and gobbled it up. 

Madame M covers topics such as art and spiders and mummies (oh my)! Engaging and fun - this is a great read for young and old. 

Here is an example of what you will find in this book:

Scary Larry

Scary Larry's a scarecrow
The best there ever was
No one else can hang around
Watching corn grow as he does

He's done it for many, many years
Just guarding his precious crop
From the big, black, dirty crows
Like a traffic cop

One time he even won 
The Best Scarecrow Grand Prize
So the crows, being jealous
Pecked out both his eyes

But that did not discourage him
Or even make him blue
He replaced them with two shiny buttons
And now he's good as new

This was one of my favorite poems in the book. If you have young children (especially boys) seek out this book - it is just creepy and gross enough to hold a young boy's interest and just fun enough for a young girl!

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