Sunday, March 20, 2011

X - X in Flight - Karen Rivers (250 pages)

As you may recall, this year's book project is to read a book for each letter of the alphabet (title and again for author). So what can happen, unfortunately, is that you get default books here and there simply because they meet your criteria. This book falls somewhat into that category. I found the story hot and cold. 

The title X is Xenos a bi-racial, First Nations (what equivalent to the Native Americans) boy with pimples, angst and the surprising ability to fly. This book actually follows three teens X, Ruby (a classmate) and Cat (X's girlfriend). The author chooses to move the story along by flipping the perspective in each chapter. X's chapters are told in letter form (first person). He is writing to Ruby - a girl he rarely interacts with but believes that they may be good for one another. Ruby's chapters are told in second person (a la Bright Lights, Big City - Jay McInerney). I will admit that these were the hardest chapters to get into because it was a foreign way to read. Finally Cat's chapters were told in the standard third person.

These teens basically go on about what is going wrong in their lives, believing that this is all that there will ever be to their lives. Angsty for sure - but at times highly entertaining and engaging and poignant. The novel sort of plods along for a majority of the pages - but just when I was about to give up the last 50 pages sucked me in and held me captive. Like the teens that they are - poor decisions are made, actions regretted and lessons are taught and learned. 

In this debut novel - Rivers displays an interesting writing style. I was not sure that I got it at first, but slowly it was worth the price of admission. This is the first in a trilogy (lucky for me Y and Z follow) centering on a character with supernatural abilities and a few people in their lives. I will check out the others in the series but will space them out. This book left me thinking - as isn't that the sign of something to come?

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  1. Glad you liked it. Can't believe it's another series!