Sunday, March 27, 2011

H - Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick (391 pages)

This book represents three of my favorite things...supernatural events, young adults and its a series! I was introduced to this book by a friend of mine, Dawn. She follows what I read and she suggested this book. The suggestion and the loaning of the book came right on time as it was Friday evening and I had not yet cracked open my book for the week! Sometimes that happens. So, on Friday night, when I cracked this one open - I found myself forcing the book close at about 2a and about half of the book devoured.

This book tracks the life of high school sophomore Nora Grey and her best friend Vee. Nora's father has been murdered and her mom has to work out of town to make enough money to continue to pay for their house, expenses, etc. In a bit of a nod to Twilight (though I am not sure that the author wants that comparison) Nora gets a new Biology partner that she can't stand but with whom she ends up falling in love. In many ways this is a standard YA love romance, but in other ways it feels a little bit more than that.  

Patch (the boy) and Nora's story is simple at the surface...but he is a fallen angel with some issues to work out on Earth and she is the daughter of a murdered man who longs for answers to what truly happened. In true YA fashion - there is a lot of kissing, but it never moves past that since they are teenagers. There are fights, misunderstandings, and even some this Pulitzer Prize winning fare - but it is engaging and that always gets a vote from me. Try this one out if you are in the mood for something off of the beaten path!

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  1. I think you love this genre as much as I like memoirs!