Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 8: Madame M Presents Creepy Little Bedtime Stories - Madame M (128 pages)

This small volume of poems for children, set the perfect tone for this rainy week. I first discovered this collection of books at the back in 2002. Madame M signed a copy of this book for my then 2 year old daughter. Of course - I did not give or read the book to her then, but I placed it on the bookshelf with the many other books that I had accumulated. 

This week, I decided to give my daughter the two books that I had purchased that day in '02 (the other title is "Madame M Presents Eerie Little Bedtime Stories). She has grown into quite a reader, like her mom. She loved the books! She went on and on about "Bat Boy" and "Witchy Boo-Boo" like they were new best friends! I was so intrigued that I decided to read one of them for myself. I chose "Creepy" because it was the first in the series.
This book hits the perfect tone for fun, kids poetry. Madame M writes a bit like Shel Silverstein, but with a darker feel. 9-12 year-olds will love this book. It meshes well with their discovery of the gross and the spooky. It was also great fun for me - someone who has aged way pass the 9-12 year-old audience. She is a very clever author, and she creates some unusual rhymes. She is kind of like a goth Mother Goose! 

Great fun for all ages, a fun read alone or with a child! Highly recommended.


  1. Very cool! Glad you liked it. A great way to get some children's literature into the project. :)

  2. I am intrigued by this one. Actually might like to read both of them.