Saturday, May 21, 2011

AtoZ Update

I know that it has been some time since I have updated my book blog and I am here to explain what has been going on. There have been some changes afoot! My NBFF Lara let me know that she needed to modify the reading challenge that we had set for ourselves this year (52 books alphabetical by title, then again by author). That was a blow, but it was also completely understandable! Both of us are single moms, both of us are moving to new homes, both of us have full-time jobs and we want a life too! So when she stated that she was just going to read 26 books this year, that seemed sane to me. Problem is - I am far from sane!

Between the months of March and May, I also went through some changes. My house was contaminated, I needed to find a place to live for me and my daughter and I needed to maintain my life. All hard things to do - but did them I did. So - what gave? What gave was books - but not in the sense that you think. Since April 8th, I have actually read 18 books!! Now - only one of these books would I consider to be literature (Water for Elephants)...the others were pure pulp fiction. Books that follow a specific pattern, character style, outcome, etc. Books that I could escape into and finish in as little as one to two days. They were genre specific (fantasy, romance, vampire) and often they were part of a series. Will I bore you all with reviews on each one of these books - nope, I won't. Will I list all of them? Maybe.

We all have ways of escaping what is going on around us. Trite books have and always will be that for me. The covers can be embarassing, the stories simple, the characters standard - but I love them because there is always a happy ending. Sometimes when you are in turmoil, a happy ending is the best medicine. SO - I will complete my challenge of 52 books this year...but I may not hit every letter in the alphabet and I may not write a review for all of them and they may not all be prize-winning literature. But - slowly, I am moving back to my base and there will be something for you all to read and to enjoy (hopefully)! The thing about books is that they mean something different to each and every one of us - I am so glad to have them when I need an escape and so glad to have them when I want to learn something new. I am just so very, very grateful for books.

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