Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 37: Sammy's Hill - Kristin Gore (400 pages)

I love to fly. I love to go to new and old places, I love hotels and I love trying foods from different parts of the country. But the main reason I love to fly is because I can get 3-5 hours of uninterrupted reading time. In that time I can complete an entire book! My project partner Lara, larasreadingroom.blogspot.comlent this book to me and when I saw it, I immediately felt like it would be a good book for the airplane and I was not disappointed. 

This book is written by the daughter of former Vice President, Al Gore. Kristin pens a fun debut novel that follows the life of a congressional staffer Sammy. Sammy is an idealistic young woman that works on Capitol Hill for the junior senator from Ohio. Though I call the book fun, there were times that it was difficult to get through. Sammy is an obsessive worrier who often plans how to survive alligator attacks, loss of limbs, and various other healthcare issues for fun. Though sometimes cute - there are so many instances of these quirks throughout the book that they grew wearisome. 

Working as a domestic policy advisor for a U.S. Senator is by no means easy, but Sammy adores her boss and works her butt off to make sure that he has the best information possible to make decisions about health care policy. Sammy is on a quest to make health care affordable for all Americans, and she will do whatever it takes to pass the necessary legislation. Pulling all-nighters fueled only by coffee and calling in weed-addled senior citizens to give testimony at Senate committee hearings are par for the course. 

When she starts dating a staff member of a rival Senator, Sammy's professional and personal lives intertwine, with occasionally disastrous consequences. With her quirky and klutzy character, Sammy is at times adorable and irritating. Who hasn't been conned into buying far-too-expensive Japanese fighting fish from a secret agent of the North Korean regime? 

The book has many chick-lit qualities, but the storyline is often too complex to fall directly into chick-lit territory. This is a solid debut effort. I understand that there is a follow up book called Sammy's House. When I am heading on my next trip, maybe I'll pick up Sammy's House to see what is happening in Sammy's world. 

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  1. Seemed like a quick but so-so read. Glad it was smooth sailing, er you were able to fly through the pages. :)