Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4: Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates (337 pages)

This project has led me down the path of reading some excellent, but dark literature. Revolutionary Road is no exception.

This National Book Award winner is a story, set in the 50s, about the Wheeler family. Frank and April Wheeler wish for better things for themselves and their kids, but the way that they go about reaching their goals are so misguided and hurtful that it is almost painful to read. The barley-veiled disdain that Frank and April have for one another is palpable.

This was a very readable book. Yates was a great author and he brings the suburban life of the 50s to life brilliantly. Reading about the past makes me grateful for the accomplishments and freedoms that we have gained. The decisions that that the Wheelers choose to make, sometimes lead to tragic consequences and had this book been written today, I cannot help but to believe the outcomes would have been different.

I have not seen the film adaptation of the film and I don’t know whether I can watch it so soon after reading this book. But I would recommend this book, as it gives us an interesting look at the past.

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  1. You are stronger than I am. I know I can't do this one. The movie will be a pass, too. On to lighter fare!